We are a global company with a clear vision of providing world class products and a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Rafael Chávez


This multifaceted entrepreneur created his fortune and success by his own merits. He is a great businessman with experience in different branches, such as provision of services and finance industry, and has led successful businesses in many countries, including Mexico and the United States.

Additionally, horse breeding, his hobby, turned into a big business which positioned his trade into the best livestock in the United States. In addition, his equestrian center, located near Houston, became one of the most important in the world, and is visited by different international celebrities.

Rafa is a visionary businessman, who createdHC Wellness, staying true to his philosophy “The more you help, the more you earn”. HC Wellness is an MLM International Enterprise, ready to be a major player at aninternational level, by developing its business model mainly for the Hispanic community in the United States. Our founderaims to pave the way for a future expansionwhere our business can provide a lot of opportunities to people of different nationalities and cultures around the world

Héctor Contreras


Now a seasoned industry executive, Hector was Introduced to the MLM industry at the age of 21. He immediately fell in love with the business model and the social and economic power it wields globally.

Coming from humble beginnings, he understood that success in life would only come from preparation, hard work and perseverance. Over a 23 year career Hector has held senior executive roles with some of the largest companies in the MLM industry. He has been instrumental in developing key strategies and initiatives that have lead to significant increases in sales revenue and profitability. He is a leader that always seeks to empower and lift his team to achieve their full potential. Throughout his career he has collaborated with top field leaders to create alignment between corporate objectives and helping leaders reach their goals.

His vision for HC Wellness is to establish the brand amongst the most recognizable and successful in the industry. He aims to provide total wellness and a global opportunity for everybody.