One of our best locations!

The leaders of HC Wellness have been in charge of reaching different cities and countries day by day in order to promote economic, physical and emotional wellness. Pachuca today has become our strongest location in Mexico.



The biggest event of the year!

Get to know everything that was experienced in this macro event, preparing for the closing of the year 2023. An event full of emotions, recognitions and great talks with our leaders.

The event in which the launch of ACTIVE PRO, the new product we have for you, was experienced, learn all about this great experience.


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The biggest event in Texas

United States present!!!! Awakening new emotions and sensations at the moment of knowing HCW and its incredible products. Its main purpose was to show the benefits and qualities of our products, as well as the new launch of two of our incredible products! Connect + and Complex.




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The biggest event in CDMX in 2023.

We summoned more than 500 people, and the purpose of the event was the launch of two of our incredible products, Connect+ and Complex, as well as the mention and recognition of the efforts of the people who little by little have made HC Wellness continue to grow day by day.