10 years ago, I came to live to US with the goal of building a new business. Over time, I realized the huge need to provide basic services, so I decided to improve the quality of life of the local people, something that could fulfill their life through discounts, health, telemedicine and other services at an affordable price. I really wanted to impact their financial future.

When it was done, I realized I wanted to include the highest quality consumable products that could work in hand in hand with the Service Package in order to offer the best healthy products, and so, HC Wellness was born. We are passionate about helping others reach their personal lifetime goals and aspirations through social responsibility, we want the values and ethics of this company help improve the lives of others. It is not just about providing the best services and products, it is about helping people reach their dreams and seeing the countless lives transformed and improved through this company. We aim to share our vision with our Associates and inspire them to achieve their goals through leadership.

“I want HC Wellness to become a legacy, I know it is a great challenge, but I know we have the force and heart to achieve that”.