It is the most advanced nutraceutical in medical science, elaborated with applied omic sciences and nanobiotechnology, which allows bioactive metabolites to enter inside the cells and mitochondria, allowing the production of 95% of the energy that your cells require to fully reactivate their functioning.


  • Produces energy for the functioning of your cells


  • Improves cardiovascular function and reduces micro-clot formation


  • Restores metabolic function


  • It is the most powerful antioxidant on the market


  • Reduces premature cellular aging


  • Supports cellular health


  • Neuroprotective effect


  • Promotes cell regeneration

Natural ingredients

1. Black pepper: Metabolic accelerator effect. Helps anti-metastatic activity, antidepressant activity, acts as a protector of cancer cells in the liver, regulates thyroid function, immunostimulant activity, and has a chemoprotective effect.
2. Coenzyme Q10: Energy production. It has the ability to regulate the connection of the neuromuscular plate, inhibit the action of oxygen radicals in DNA, regulate redox balance, reduce chronic fatigue syndrome, improve cardiac energy expenditure, improve athletic performance and improve the immune system.
3. Verbascoside: Reduces inflammation of the central nervous system.
It also promotes brain plasticity, regulates the function of the main cells of the brain and intestine, has integral redox potency, acts as an antibiotic against coli, enterococcus and salmonella, has photoprotective effect against UVA and UVB rays.
4. Nicotinamide mononucleotide: Rejuvenating effect, it also favors the integral redox balance, stabilizes the ionic potential of cell membranes, alkalinizes cellular pH, reactivates energy production, favors the repair of blood tissues, regulates cardiac electrical conduction, increases aerobic capacity in sports, decreases fatty liver, increases muscle mass and decreases fat mass, favors memory, regulates the exchange of neurotransmitters, balances the hormonal response in menopause and decreases thyroid processes.
5. Alpha lipoic acid: Reactivates energy production at mitochondrial level, promotes sleep and relaxation, reduces pain in the central nervous system, reduces dementia processes.