The difference between a leader and an ordinary person is that the leader gets what he wants. A good leader leads by example, first improves himself and then shares what he has learned with the team. A good leader first walks the walk and then shares it.

Are you doing everything possible to help your team?

Ask yourself this question constantly.

A good leader always supports his team. It is very important to build trust, solid relationships, and be in constant communication. Learn to listen; talk to your team about their whys and wherefores and identify what your team needs.

Learn how to make the sale an unforgettable experience for you and your associates. It is very important that you understand the Compensation Plan so you can explain it to your new associates. It is essential to know where commissions and bonuses come from.

Tips to be the best sponsor

Remember to return their calls in a timely manner, share materials and business experiences, especially at the beginning of their entry to HC Wellness.

Attend all HC Wellness meetings. Attend conference calls, use the products and services. It is important to be in ongoing training.

Behave like a professional. Treat people right even when they don’t reciprocate in kind.

There will be people who are not in a good mood, and you, as a professional HC Wellness partner and leader, will need to know how to behave.

A good sponsor helps his or her downline become leaders. If you continually sponsor new people, so will your members.