HC 4tify

Premium Antioxidant Blend

A blend of super-fruit extracts that is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and natural fatty acids (Açai, Resveratrol, Fucoidan, Mangosteen), making a perfect blend to fortify your immune system. 



Our product is premium because it’s made with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract from the flower, leaf, and stalk and NOT Hemp Oil from the seed. 

Achieve Total Wellness with our products and services

These are the solutions we offer you:


Boost your immune system with our concentrated fruit juice which contains Açai, Resveratrol, Fucoidan and Mangosteen. It supports your immune system by promoting an increased defense cell production.


Is a supplement made from a blend of natural ingredients —green tea leaf, turmeric, milk thistle, inulin and ginger— that helps ensure the proper functioning of the body. It also regulates your digestive system and reduces your cholesterol and triglyceride blood levels.


Is a supplement made from a blend of natural ingredients —Green Tea Leaf, Schisandra, Gymnema and Chromium— that helps balance your body due to its high content in antioxidants, adaptogens, vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids.


HC FIT are capsules made from a blend of natural ingredients —Tepozan, Papaya Seed, White Horehound and Hawthorn Leaf— that support your weight management and regulate gastrointestinal functions.


HC Club Membership was designed to offer you support and discounts in different areas such as medical, vision, dental care, roadside, legal assistance and funeral assistance, discounts on entertainment centers, and much more.


      CBD is the abbreviation for cannabidiol. It is a critical phytocannabinoid found in hemp and known for supporting the body and mind in many ways. * HEMP-C PREMIUM CBD OIL has cannabinoids with CBD extract.